The Making of Contemporary Kitchens

This is the latest edition to our series ‘The Making Of’, these posts take a deep dive into how styles of kitchens are evolving in 2020. You can be assured that your latest project will be up-to-date and narrow styles down to make the correct choice for your home.

We’ve discovered that styles are becoming more complicated even if they don’t appear to be. Pinning down the exact look and ambience you want is tricky. So, we’ve gone ahead and created a guide of the most relevant contemporary designs of 2020.

In this post we are uncovering the inner workings of contemporary kitchens and sharing our favourite designs with ideas on how you can recreate them. So, get set for a crash course in the most popular styles right now, and ways to modernise your home.   

Lisa Leroy
Sourced From: Lisa & Leroy.  Anna & Bella. Washington, United States. 

Contemporary Elegance

Contemporary styling is understanding that it is a collection of the latest trends. Characterised by soft curved edges, brushed nickel, stainless steel and many trending pieces. Contemporary styling is about a clean style and creating a piece that is fashionable without the need for over styling.

The kitchen above features dark cabinetry, a white backsplash and grey veined quartz countertops. The u-shape functions perfectly for open concept living, and creates a great space to entertain in. Using brass accents in the lighting, fixtures and seating options this design brings in a refined elegance that is on-trend with 2020 interior design. A splash of warmth and colour is injected into the space from the eclectic rug, which becomes a predominant feature of the space.

To achieve this look, focus on creating an open plan space that connects with living room and outdoor dining spaces. Slimline cabinetry with a simple façade can be refined and accented with sleek fixtures in a bold brass or stainless-steel finish. Current shade trends range from mushroom to slate, as pictured above. Keeping cabinetry and tile choices neutral allows the space to be accentuated by textural pieces like fixtures, appliances, rugs and lighting.

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place to dwell
Sourced From: Place to Dwell. Waverton, Sydney. 

Contemporary Curves

The unique custom cabinetry adds soft curves against the prominent linear façade. While showcasing a contemporary neutral shade, this kitchen brings the outdoors in with a wide glass splash-back; an up-and-coming trend of kitchen design, a soft sage green island and the blend of light and dark wood. Clean white upper cabinetry and countertops create a base for matt black and gold fixtures to pop against the lightly coloured kitchen. The architectural light fixture adds further curves and gleams of metallic gold and matt black while becoming a beautiful feature piece of the kitchen.

To achieve this look, create a neutral palette of white slimline cabinetry and focal cabinetry that has a light wooden tone. Make a statement with custom joinery or a bold colour choice for the island. Mixing matt black and a single metallic tone can create an effortlessly luxe detail. Keep the metallic and matt black fixtures on separate cabinetry and sections of the home as to ensure they do not clash. Take advantage of countertops by creating multiple zones throughout the space.

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Sourced From: Ideasxchange Ptd Ltd. Telok Blangah Parcview, Singapore. 

Gleaming Metallics

Mixing and matching metallics is one of our favourite trends of 2020, welcome bright gleaming gold! We’re talking the likes of copper, bronze and gold being some of the most popular metallics of 2020. Pairing metallics with neutral palettes can become a beautiful statement to the hub of any home.

The kitchen pictured above pairs an industrial base with white countertops and matt black cabinetry with glossy appliances. The open shelving creates easy access for daily items, while also allowing the copper backsplash to peak through. The backsplash is matched with copper handles which pop against the matt black cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances and fixtures pair beautifully with the bright copper and don’t detract from the hero piece of the room.

Get this look by picking a focal metallic that you want to shine. Foiled tiles, wallpaper and laminate can get you the look that you’re after. Choose a tone that pairs with your metallic, neutral shades like white or black is always a safe bet and lets your metallic pop. While traditional pairings like navy and copper create a dynamic effect that is bold and beautiful.

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Sourced From: Contempo Studio. Toronto, Canada.

Paper White

White is probably one of the most popular shades for kitchens; from traditional to eclectic, negative space creates cohesion and a sense of relaxation in any home. This contemporary kitchen takes it a little further and goes all out on a white-out space. We love the streamlined cabinetry and the soft curves of the fixtures in this kitchen. The flecks of grey in the marble accents create a break in all the white and pairs with the silver recessed handles. Matt black fixtures draw your eye further into the kitchen by creating a significant contrast. 

Get this look by going all white with your cabinetry and adding a light neutral shade to contrast all the white. Integrating silver and stainless-steel appliances and recessed handles livens the space up by reflecting light. Complete the look with timber flooring and matt black accents in items like fixtures and appliances.

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