Fastmount in Baltic Yachts 108 WinWin

Fastmount has teamed up with an award-winning yacht, Baltic Yachts’ 108ft all-carbon sloop WinWin, which took out best sailing yacht under 40m and best sailing yacht overall at the World Superyacht Awards in Amsterdam in 2015.

As a builder of high performance, tailor made carbon sailing yachts, Baltic required panel mounting that would stand the test of time... and some serious sailing. The distinctly Scandinavian-style, minimal interior by Design Unlimited saw the abundant use of various Fastmount clips.

“When I visited METS in 2013 and saw different options for mounting panels, I became more convinced that Fastmount was the right type of fastener to introduce to our sailboats. The advantage was firstly the large selection of products for different uses, and secondly that the products are designed to work well even after extended periods of use. Panel mounting accessories and tools have been designed to make assembly even faster. In our yachts the panel must always be in the right place, even after being removed several times.” - Bengt Osman, Interior/Purchasing, Baltic Yachts

More than 4,000 Fastmount clips were used throughout the interior of WinWin. The ceiling and wall panels were mounted using a combination of the LP-SM8 and the LP-F8 or LP-DF8 depending on the location of the panel and substrate. The LP-DF8 was used for its ability to screw into composite foam core substrates (ceiling frames). The low profile nature of the clips ensured that valuable space was not lost. In areas where space was even more of a minimum, the very low profile, surface mount VL-03 was used. As an example of an ongoing trend in the use of metal Fastmount clips in superyachts, the metal MC-05 clip set was used throughout the yacht to securely mount the carbon floorboards inside the boat. The metal clip system ensured a completely secure fixing, while retaining the convenience of removability to access under the floorboards.

With a range of clips for a variety of applications and materials, Fastmount concealed panel mounting is the ideal system for marine and architectural applications. 


Products used:

Low Profile LP-DF8 + LP-M8A
606 8F22 122 201 LP DF8
Very Low Profile VL-F3 + VL-M3
606 8F24 122 101
Metal Range MC-F5 + MC-M5
606 8F30 222 204