Sleek Storage

Built with the intention of immediate sale, this new apartment’s open-plan kitchen was designed to suit the lifestyle of those who opt to live in an upmarket residential building. A neutral colour palette was chosen for the space, which is texturised via a mixture of matt white, veneer and marble-look porcelain. Stylish storage solutions were an important consideration when designing this kitchen and so Tekform drawers by Titus were ultimately chosen. These drawers come in two colour options, white and anthracite grey, and seven widths, to suit most cabinet styles and sizes. Their thin side walls give the appearance of a clean, simple box drawer, while their ability to extend fully offers users easy access to the drawer’s contents. The drawers have a 40kg load capacity and can be customised with ease, in regard to size, height, rails and organisational inserts. The kitchen’s neutral palette, clean lines, sleek storage solutions and open-plan design work together beautifully to create the ideal space for metropolitan living.

The bathroom of this newly built apartment was designed to be sleek, luxurious and trendy, while remaining highly functional. Two-toned cabinetry similar to that of the apartment’s kitchen was incorporated into the design, creating a continuity throughout the home. The bathroom’s vanity unit includes quality Tekform double-wall drawers by Titus, which boost the quality and functionality of the space. The full extension range of these drawers makes it easy to access their contents, which have a 40kg load capacity. The drawers are ideal for every bathroom space as they can be easily customised when it comes to size, height, rails and organisational inserts. The Penny round mosaic tiles featured on the walls give the bathroom a subtle touch of understated elegance, while creating a contrast to the clean lines prominent in this space. The room is highly textured, with a mix of matt white and Navurban veneer; this, combined with the sleek black taps and accessories, creates a luxurious, modern bathroom space perfect for those who crave a metropolitan lifestyle.

Covering all bases, Hawkfine Furniture is a proud Australian family owned business that specialises in manufacturing bespoke kitchen cabinetry for building projects and has recently been focusing on high rise apartments and luxury multiple residences in Melbourne. With over 42 years in business, Hawkfine furniture has transitioned from creating bars and shelving units to shop-fitting projects. And for the past 15 years, the technical skills have been transferred over to creating beautiful kitchens for large architectural projects across Melbourne.

To ensure they were offering their customers the best value for money, Rob Bletcher, Project Manager explains, “We broke down and itemised all costs for the projects. In doing so, we found that the Tekform drawer was the best option”. 

Hawkfine kitchens are assembled into rigid carcasses and delivered to site for fitting. This part of the process needs to be as simple, straightforward and quick as possible, as it is a major element of the project cost. In trialing the solution, Hawkfine found that the Tekform Drawer is easy to mount, install and adjust onsite, saving time and money on installation labour costs. Hawkfine also learned that with the simple drawer front installation and adjustment, the installer could easily install the drawer onsite and adjust with no tools or marking jigs -just a simple insertion, adjustment and there’s your completed drawer. The quick and easy removal and re-mounting of the drawers also makes it simple for other tradespeople to access the area and easily re-insert the drawers themselves, avoiding unnecessary damage during an install. 

Designer: SJB Interiors for Hawkfine Joinery and TRIO Construct.

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