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Round Railing

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  • Improved storage in high drawers
  • Clips for wooden and metal back
  • Easy one-step fixing and screw-on front attachment
  • Lasting quality
  • Finish: White

Product Variations

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Item No.Unit of MeasureNote 1Length (mm)QtyPriceStockClick for info
603.8C98.025PairEasyFix250price-loaderN/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.050PairEasyFix500price-loader$ 3.08N/AIn stock
603.8C98.155PairScrew-on550price-loader$ 0.83N/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.027PairEasyFix270price-loader$ 2.39N/AIn stock
603.8C98.035PairEasyFix350price-loader$ 2.48N/AIn stock
603.8C98.040PairEasyFix400price-loader$ 0.62N/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.045PairEasyFix450price-loader$ 2.90N/AIn stock
603.8C98.055PairEasyFix550price-loader$ 3.40N/AIn stock
603.8C98.125PairScrew-on250price-loaderN/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.127PairScrew-on270price-loader$ 0.57N/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.135PairScrew-on350price-loader$ 0.63N/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.140PairScrew-on400price-loader$ 2.02N/AIn stock
603.8C98.145PairScrew-on450price-loader$ 0.73N/ALimited Stock
603.8C98.150PairScrew-on500price-loader$ 2.33N/AIn stock
603.8C98.200PairBack Bracketprice-loader$ 1.19N/AIn stock
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