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Warranty & Service

Customer Service details

For detailed information, download or Titus Tekform General Terms and Conditions document here: Titus Tekform Terms Conditions.pdf

If you have any product quality or function concerns, please contact your Installer to confirm that the installation has been completely correctly. If the installer is satisfied that the problem is NOT due to poor installation, please contact Titus Tekform Pty Ltd for assistance:

Warranty claims

To make a warranty claim or share a product concern, the following documentation must be posted, emailed, uploaded, faxed to Titus Tekform Pty. Ltd. or given to your Local Area Manager (Contact information below) or complete the form on the left hand side of this page.
  • Name / Model / Order Code of product 
  • Photographs of the issue (if available) 
  • Proof of installation (by a licensed plumber or cabinetmaker) 
  • End User details; name, address and best contact phone number 
  • Installer Contact details; company name, contact name, address and phone number of the customer who purchased the sink from Titus Tekform
  • Handover documentation for new homes, if applicable

If the product has not yet been installed, the product can be returned to the place of purchase. If the cost of returning any defective parts is unreasonable, please contact Titus Tekform on the telephone number listed below so that, if appropriate, we can arrange a collection.

Titus Tekform Pty. Ltd. contact details for warranty claims are as follows:
Titus Tekform Pty. Ltd.
Attention: Product Warranty Claim
Address: 83 Jedda Road, Prestons NSW 2170
Phone: (02) 9826 0007
Fax: (02) 9826 0074

Customer Warranty review process

Once Titus Tekform has received your claim, the following process will be followed:

1. Titus Tekform will validate that goods were purchased from Titus (Proof of purchase)

  • Review product details supplied (as above)
  • Review details of Titus customer that purchased the sink (as above)
  • Review details of consumer that has submitted the claim (as above)

2. Titus Tekform will validate that the claim is within warranty period
3.Titus Tekform will review images/photos of the issue and any other information on what may have caused the problem.
4. Titus Tekform will review proof of installation by licensed plumber or cabinetmaker (as above).
5. Titus Tekform may supply an additional care sheet clearly outlining how best to maintain the product in future.
6. Titus Tekform will record all complaints on a database by Customer Name with a brief comment on the complaint / issue for future reference. 
7. Finally, the customer will be notified with the resolution within 14 business days

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