The Making of Coastal Kitchens

This week we’re feeling beachy.

Relaxed, soft and sophisticated kitchens that blend structure and effortless design into the perfect retreat. We’ll walk you through all aspects of coastal kitchens and everything you need to know about how to recreate these looks in your next project.

Nailing your style can be complicated and terrifying. Often spaces in our home harbour new, precious and dated items that tend to clash and make it difficult to understand your true style. Turn the hub of your home into a one you’ll be proud to share and live in daily.

Keep reading to learn the ins-and-outs of Coastal design and how you can recreate it in your next project. 


Classic Coastal

Defined by a distinct palette of whites, neutrals, blues, khaki, greys and black, Classic coastal styling is a sophisticated mix of structure and relaxed styling. This style takes inspiration from beach elements; natural light, soft neutral tones, and a clean aesthetic meant to evoke breeziness. Ultimately, your home should feel like summer all year round.

The kitchen above has a predominantly white base, allowing the space to feel light, bright and airy. Navy cabinetry transforms the peninsula into a statement piece, and is warmed up with rattan stools, pendants and other soft timber features. Large windows above the sink and a pane of glass giving an expansive view of the water, add tons of natural light to the space. Matt black square handles and a combination of gun metal appliances and fixtures give the kitchen a modern edge while contrasting the structured cabinetry and rustic elements.

To get this look, focus on creating a space that has structured cabinetry with a predominantly neutral palette. Accessories with modern appliances and fixtures in statement shades of matt black, copper, brass and gun metal. Add homely touches through naturally textured décor and timber features.

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OptiMatt PET Matt Velvet in White

OptiMatt PET Matt Velvet in Midnight
midnight (1)

Stefano Orlati Square Handle 4062 in Matt Black or Titanium Grey


Stefano Orlati Provincial Handles 1186 in Brushed Satin Black Nickel


Pull-Out Pin Lever Mixer in Chrome or Gun Metal

grey tap

Designer Butler Ceramic Double Bowl in White

designer butler

Photo Source: The Designory

Tropical Coastal

Maybe this addition is a tad controversial, but it gives us the same vibe as classic coastal designs. Tropical design is all about comfort, ease and utility with eclectic spins on contemporary design. With nods to natural elements such as the sea, sky and varying vegetation; this designs colour palette can be a deep rich hue or lend to a brighter, airier feel; which is where we tie it to become a coastal fusion.

Bright, open, and a hint of natural elements welcomes us into this space. Although bolder than classical coastal styling this addition feels right at home in a Byron Bay setting. The texture from the concrete splash back and the panelled cabinetry adds structure and fuses a contemporary colour palette. This space contrasts the soft, white and clean home evident from the adjoining spaces and finishes on the floor and ceiling. The soft blue cabinetry nods to the sky and ocean palettes while timber elements anchor the space and complement the home accented with plants galore. The picture windows above the sink bring in natural light in spades and add an airiness to it, despite it not being a predominantly white space.

Get this look by choosing a palette that revolves around natural elements. Light hues add vibrancy and natural textures ground the space. Keep the cabinetry clean and a modern façade will help create a flow between your spaces. Adding soft textures and lush greenery will help dial up the coastal elements. We’re talking neutral linens, woven and straw-like elements, wicker and rattan, sheers, plantation shutters and weathered wood, lend to softening the bold tropical features.

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OptiGrain PET Matt Velvet in Anthracite

OptiGrain PET Matt Velvet in White


OptiGrain Woodgrain in Riven Walnut

Riven Walnut

Stefano Orlati Knobs 8741 in Chrome

High Rise Square Sink Mixer in Chrome

high rise chrome

teka canopy


Photo Source: Futureflip

Contemporary Coastal

Coastal, contemporary kitchen featuring custom joinery and polished chrome tapware.

We’ve unpacked contemporary styling for you before, if you haven’t seen our Contemporary Kitchen edition to this series check it out here. What we love about this style is that it takes the best from the umbrella term of coastal and makes the perfect modern combination. Characterised by stainless steel, clean edges, high quality textures and an abundance of trending features, this styling gets it just right.

The rustic all-white brick feature wall and splash back tie the spaces together perfectly and create a seamless flow throughout the home. Complemented by matching white wall cabinetry, pendant lights, blinding countertops and wicker chairs, the coastal white has been stamped all over this kitchen. While the eye level appearance of this kitchen is predominantly white, natural elements like the weathered wood island and open shelving adds texture and becomes a feature in the space. Chrome and stainless-steel appliances are current and clean, and become a jewel amongst the matt cabinetry.

Get this look by staying up to date with current styling trends like woodgrain finishes and modern kitchen facades. Structured cabinetry is essential with a handleless profile at eye-level to help continue an easy flow and clean aesthetic. Custom joinery and timber finishes can become a statement feature in a sea of white quite easily. Current contemporary design trends are following curves, textures, high contrast, patina accents and bold feature wallpaper.

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OptiGlaz High Gloss Acrylic in Ice White

Ice White

OptiMatt PET Matt Velvet in White


OptiGrain Woodgrain in Riven Red Oak

Red Oak

Sink Tap Goose Neck Pull-Out Mixer in Chrome

high tap chrome

LED Square Fusion 5050 Clear MTM in Warm White

5050 lws

750mm rangehood


Photo Source: Three Birds Renovations

Crisp Coastal White

White and as soft as a cloud. This is proof that an all-white kitchen is anything but boring. Coastal is characterised by openness, bright, and light-filled spaces that add textural elements and nod to nature to bring the outdoors in. White used in coastal not only lends to the above but enables negative space to create cohesion and has a calming ambience on the eyes and mind. Not only does this kitchen deliver on being a total white-out, it uses texture and shading to its advantage.

Pitched ceilings and windows galore add the bright and light needed for a coastal kitchen. The angular and modern cabinetry add structure and definition to the kitchen but allow the space to flow aesthetically. Transformed by cloudy Caesarstone backsplash and countertops, wicker stools, lush greenery and a soft curved pendant that filters light overhead. The white fixtures and tapware create an effortless eyeline and blend into the cabinetry for a calmer ambience.

White-out your whole kitchen by selecting textural elements that soften the angular cabinetry and overall appearance of the space. Create symmetry with your cabinetry, this kitchen has a structural element that divides up the kitchen and draws the eye in amongst the sea of white. Add depth with shifting shades of white, such as soft veining and marble effects in the countertop and backsplash and blonde timber flooring will add a further layer to the space.

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OptiMatt PET Matt Velvet in White


OptiGlaz High Gloss Acrylic in Ice White

Ice White

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CAPRI J Matt White (1)

Tekform Drawers in White

Tekform drawer inner fronts image2

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