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HandleFast Trusshead
HandleFast Trusshead

HandleFast Trusshead

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  • Type: Trusshead
  • Combination head
  • Button head
  • Material: Steel

Product Variations

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Item No.Unit of MeasureFinishLength (mm)Thread typeMin. Order QtyQtyPriceStockClick for info
611.8L35.245.0101000 pcsZinc plated10M41price-loader$ 82.86N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0121000 pcsZinc plated12M41price-loader$ 35.08N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0161000 pcsZinc plated16M41price-loader$ 51.45N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0201000 pcsZinc plated20M41price-loader$ 82.86N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0221000 pcsZinc plated22M41price-loader$ 82.86N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0251000 pcsZinc plated25M41price-loader$ 82.86N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0321000 pcsZinc plated32M41price-loader$ 88.54N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0351000 pcsZinc plated35M41price-loader$ 100.73N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0381000 pcsZinc plated38M41price-loader$ 165.54N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0421000 pcsZinc plated42M41price-loader$ 100.73N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0451000 pcsZinc plated45M41price-loader$ 100.73N/AIn stock
611.8L35.245.0501000 pcsZinc plated50M41price-loader$ 100.73N/AIn stock
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