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Square Side Bar

Square Side Bar

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  • Bulk packaging is easier for large scale production and storage
  • Environmental choice for large drawer projects, as it saves disposing of large boxes
  • Save space and time on your drawer production line
  • All bulk packaged items are available upon special request

    Product Variations

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    Item No.Unit of MeasureFinishMin. Order QtyLength (mm)QtyPriceStockClick for info
    650.8727.150PairWhite1270price-loader$ 10.75N/AIn stock
    650.8745.185PairAnthracite Grey1450price-loader$ 3.38N/ABack order
    650.8730.150PairWhite1300price-loader$ 2.94N/ALimited Stock
    650.8735.150PairWhite1350price-loader$ 11.43N/AIn stock
    650.8740.150PairWhite1400price-loader$ 12.02N/AIn stock
    650.8745.150PairWhite1450price-loader$ 12.62N/AIn stock
    650.8750.150PairWhite1500price-loader$ 13.27N/AIn stock
    650.8755.150PairWhite1550price-loader$ 13.57N/AIn stock
    650.8727.185PairAnthracite Grey1270price-loader$ 2.88N/ALimited Stock
    650.8730.185PairAnthracite Grey1300price-loader$ 2.94N/ALimited Stock
    650.8735.185PairAnthracite Grey1350price-loader$ 3.06N/ALimited Stock
    650.8740.185PairAnthracite Grey1400price-loader$ 3.22N/ALimited Stock
    650.8750.185PairAnthracite Grey1500price-loader$ 3.56N/ALimited Stock
    650.8755.185PairAnthracite Grey1550price-loader$ 3.63N/ALimited Stock
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