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Tekform Slimline Drawer DW145

Tekform Slimline Drawer DW145

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  • Narrow sides for a sleek look and efficient utilisation of drawer space
  • Full extension 40kg runners
  • Two colour options
  • Accessories to customise the drawer
  • Titus 'EasyFix' connectors
  • Integrated Titus 'Confident Close' damping system
  • Intuitive installation and adjustment
  • Quality tested and certified by FIRA Level H and CATAS
  • Screw-Fix Front Brackets available.
  • Screws not included
  • One set consists of: Drawer sides (2 pcs), Drawer runner (2 pcs), EasyFix front connectors (2 pcs), Rear connectors (2 pcs) & Decorative covers (2 pcs)
  • Height: 145
  • Closing: Integrated soft close
  • Extension: Full Extension
  • Weight capacity: 40kg
  • Height adjustment: +2 / -2 mm
  • Side adjustment: +/-1mm
  • Minimal required height space (mm): 198
  • Wooden back panel thickness (mm): 16
  • Wooden bottom panel thickness (mm): 16

Product Variations

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Item No.Front connector typeUnit of MeasureFinishMin. Order QtyLength (mm)QtyPriceStockClick for info
655.8V27.150.00EasyFixEachWhite1270price-loader$ 72.27N/AIn stock
655.8G27.185.00Screw-onEachAnthracite1270price-loader$ 72.27N/ABack order
655.8G27.150.00Screw-onEachWhite1270price-loader$ 72.27N/ABack order
655.8G50.185.00Screw-onEachAnthracite1500price-loader$ 86.47N/ABack order
655.8G35.150.00Screw-onEachWhite1350price-loader$ 76.31N/ABack order
655.8G45.185.00Screw-onEachAnthracite1450price-loader$ 82.38N/ABack order
655.8G40.185.00Screw-onEachAnthracite1400price-loader$ 77.65N/ABack order
655.8G40.150.00Screw-onEachWhite1400price-loader$ 77.65N/ABack order
655.8G50.150.00Screw-onEachWhite1500price-loader$ 86.47N/ABack order
655.8G45.150.00Screw-onEachWhite1450price-loader$ 82.38N/AIn stock
655.8G55.185.00Screw-onEachAnthracite1550price-loader$ 87.17N/ABack order
655.8G55.150.00Screw-onEachWhite1550price-loader$ 87.17N/AIn stock
655.8V45.150.00EasyFixEachWhite1450price-loader$ 82.38N/AIn stock
655.8V35.150.00EasyFixEachWhite1350price-loader$ 76.31N/AIn stock
655.8V40.150.00EasyFixEachWhite1400price-loader$ 77.65N/AIn stock
655.8V55.150.00EasyFixEachWhite1550price-loader$ 87.17N/AIn stock
655.8V50.150.00EasyFixEachWhite1500price-loader$ 86.47N/AIn stock
655.8V27.185.00EasyFixEachAnthracite1270price-loader$ 72.27N/AIn stock
655.8V35.185.00EasyFixEachAnthracite1350price-loader$ 76.31N/AIn stock
655.8V45.185.00EasyFixEachAnthracite1450price-loader$ 82.38N/AIn stock
655.8V40.185.00EasyFixEachAnthracite1400price-loader$ 77.65N/AIn stock
655.8V55.185.00EasyFixEachAnthracite1550price-loader$ 87.17N/AIn stock
655.8V50.185.00EasyFixEachAnthracite1500price-loader$ 86.47N/AIn stock
655.8G35.185.00Screw-onEachAnthracite1350price-loader$ 76.31N/ABack order
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